The history of Bibia Logistics goes back to the 1940s. Even at this time, bicycles were very popular in the Netherlands and were often used as a means of transport. This created the problem of how to attach the objects to be transported to the bicycle. As is well known, necessity makes inventive ... and so old truck inner tubes were cut and used as elastic tires for bicycles.

Dutch entrepreneurship led to the foundation of Bibia with this business idea. The number of bicycles increased enormously and with it the need for elastics. The straps were supplemented with metal hooks and could easily be attached to bicycles.

Continuous product development has led to straps being designed for different purposes. With the arrival of rollcontainers, a specific demand for binders and tension straps emerged.In collaboration with the customer, we have arrived at the current offer. With the versatility of straps and tension straps, we have become the market leader in Europe.



    Bibia Logistics owes its reliable reputation to the consistent delivery
    of high-quality straps for rollcontainers. Working closely
    with consistent suppliers, we strive to produce products optimized through research and practical experience.


    We keep this extensive stock in order to be able to serve you as a customer optimally and quickly.

    Easy ordering; one email or phone call is enough. You will receive a response within 48 hours on working days. Soon, you can place your order in our online store.


    Several inspection moments take place during the entire production
    process. But it doesn't stop there. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the goods are tested by us with the latest equipment for, among other things, tensile strength and UV resistance

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