Bibia Logistics owes its reliable image in part to the constant and high quality tension belts for roll containers. For many years we have been working together with reliable suppliers with whom we have developed the product in detail in order to achieve the best quality.


Several inspection moments take place during the entire production
process: a raw material check before production, during and after
production, and also randomly before shipment.

But it doesn't stop there. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the goods are tested by us with the latest equipment for, among other things, tensile strength and UV resistance


We keep this extensive stock in order to be able to serve you as a customer optimally and quickly.

Easy ordering; one email or phone call is enough. You will receive a response within 48 hours on working days.

The number of bicycles increased enormously and with it the need for elastics. The tension straps were supplemented with metal hooks and could easily be attached to bicycles. Continuous product development has resulted in elastic tension straps being designed for different purposes. For example, they are also an ideal solution for roll containers.

The year 1990 was a new milestone in the company's history: Mr. Paul Bul took over Bibia. With fresh ideas, he modernized the company, expanded the range with bicycle accessories and added new product locations. The wishes of the customer are always central. Tension rubbers remain the core product, but Bibia quickly became a well-known brand for reflective tapes and safety products. In addition, the product group lashing straps for roll containers with elastic and textile lashing straps is being expanded.